Virtual Classroom

Ever since technology intervened in the education sector, it has only gotten better. From the time that demanded students to physically visit classes and schools to learn their preferred courses to studying online, we have come a really long way. There were distance education programs, CD/DVD-based learning and now video-conferencing, online workshops and more.

Adding another dimension to the way technology is deployed in enhancing the delivery of education is the Virtual Classroom platform. Breaking the conventions that students should be physically present to learn, Virtual Classroom allows you to log in to the platform and virtually learn concepts and courses.

What sets the platform is its user interface that blends 3D-rendered classrooms and learning modules. Developed using an open-source tool called Open Wonderland, it offers a user experience that is truly remarkable.

So, if you feel you can’t go the distance but still want to learn and become better, all you have to do is login and start learning your preferred subject.

Key Features

  • Collaborate with other users using text chat and audio chat
  • Drag n Drop pdf and images in the world
  • Cafeteria for studentt
  • Staff rooms for teachers
  • Whiteboard where students or teachers can draw or write on it

Technology Used

  • Java
  • Servlet
  • Jersey
  • jMonkeyEngine