Spring-Mongo Template Pagination

1. Introduction

In this blog, we will be creating a sample project where we would use the spring mongo template for pagination. By default, the spring-mongo template has no method for pagination.

2. Spring Data

Spring Data is an umbrella project which contains many submodules, each specific to a particular database. In this article, we’ll be covering the Spring-Mongo template for fetching the records with pagination.

3. MongoDB

MongoDB is a document-oriented NoSQL database that stores JSON-like documents with dynamic schemas. It is commonly used for high volume data storage.

4. Setup

In this section, we will quickly set up a project using Spring Initializr. Using this tool, we can quickly provide a list of Dependencies we need and download the bootstrapped application:

Spring Intialzr

5. Maven Dependencies

Here is the pom.xml file, you should see the below dependencies added:

6. User Entity

In this section, we will make a simple User entity with some fields to demonstrate simple MongoDB queries:

7. Repository

Now let’s define a custom data layer interface:

8. Implementing Repository

Now let’s implement the above data layer interface. We will make use of Mongo Template bean which is initialized by Spring Boot.  Below is the implementation class:

9. Using Paginated Queries

Now let’s have a look at the pagination queries using Mongo Template. We had used PageableExecutionUtils class of Spring Data for pagination.

10. Conclusion

In this quick tutorial, we saw how we can use pagination in custom queries using Mongo Template. The source code for this application is available over on GitHub.

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