Improve Data Visualization and Reliability for Better Decision Making

Fusion Softtech offers SCADA development services with Industrial Automation. With this new SCADA, we will not only offer better data acquisition capabilities, but with a team of expert analysts, we also offer insights that can help you do more with the data acquisition.

Our team has a complete understanding of how the data works, and we have delivered in-depth data acquisition and modelling solutions using this software.
We offer your business impressive ways to acquire, track and analyse the data quickly and easily without compromising on the data results.

Our clients find our solutions reliable and customer-centric, which is why we are recommended for the Ignition solutions.

Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation: The Numerous Features

  • The IDE for the SCADA software makes it easier and faster to develop the solution for your company. You don’t need to install the IDE to get started.
  • You get all the features of SCADA, including the alarms and reporting on a single platform.
  • You can launch the web client on any device using the web browser, thus making the SCADA system and the data therein available and accessible at all times.
  • The real-time monitoring made available through the real-time tag values on the SCADA system allows you to check on the status of the facility at all times, thus considering immediate action.
  • The dynamic dashboards made available with this system comes with powerful tools that makes data analysis easy and fast. There is a complete library of customizable charts that make it easy for you to monitor the KPIs and manage them with ease.
  • You can even access the SCADA system on your mobile devices, thus making it fast, reliable and real-time.

Our Unique Process

Requirement Phase

We understand the need for SCADA and the requirements you possess from the system. Once all the requirements are noted, we move to the next step.

Existing System Check

We consider a detailed check of the existing system, including the PLCs. We understand the entire plant or operation for which you are implementing the SCADA system. This will help us design the SCADA elements.

SCADA Design

Based on the understanding of the plant operations, your requirements and the connections, we design the software. We first design the screen, then make the connections and define the alarm and reporting systems.

Connection with PLC

Once the SCADA is designed, it is time to automate the system using the defined PLC connections. We add logic to the SCADA system, so that they are able to communication seamlessly.

Testing and Deployment

We deploy the SCADA system to your operation, and check it in real conditions. We test each and every element that has been automated. Once the test is successful, we deploy and begin the measurement and monitoring

Making Data Acquisition Powerful and Insightful

Choosing Fusion Soft Tech for better insights and data acquisition methods

Experiential Solutions

We make SCADA systems that are easy-to use and guarantee experience and satisfaction.

Best Practices

We use the SCADA development best practices that attempt to help deliver the best-in-class solution for your needs.

Experienced Team

Our team is experienced in SCADA development and deployment. We offer designs that are aesthetic and well defined.

Translating raw data into meaningful insights

Collaborate with our team to get visual and insightful data that is easily acquired and meaningfully translated. Boost business power for better acquisitions.